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Safed Musali

Safed Musli


Youth Restorer & Natural Aphrodisiac

Serving per container – 60
Amount per serving – 500mg.

Safed musali chlorophytum borivilianum – 500mg.


Ayurvedic  rejuvenating herbal tested capsules extracted from safed musli for sexual health of men & women. It is a complete solution for all sexual problems. It will provide you extra energy , extra pleasure, extra satisfaction and increase sexual confidence with your partner.

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Best Safed Musli Power Capsules Online In India

Safed Musli, scientifically referred to as Chlorophytum borivilianum, is a 10-60 cm tall shvet musli herb that grows from a succulent Rhizome. Safed Musli is believed to have exceptional medicinal properties. These properties make it useful in the treatment of postnatal problems, boosting the immune system, more popularly as an aphrodisiac among other safed musli uses.  It is especially popular in countries like India where it is grown and consumed as a vegetable leaf. The saponins in Safed Musli are believed to be responsible for its Aphrodisiac properties. In addition to this, Saponins in the herb are known to increase nutrient absorption rates as well as aid in the process of digestion. Historically, its use has been dated as far back as 4000 years in some cultures. Its importance cannot be ignored or downplayed. Let’s take a deeper look at white Musli. This plant is a curative for pre-natal and post-natal issues, a remedy for diabetes and arthritis

Recent discovery of Safed Musli  been a natural and effective an aphrodisiac agent has likewise opened up new channels of use and new interest for it. This natural musli herb, Safed Musli has been observed to be a perfect aphrodisiac with no negative reactions which some chemical produced aphrodisiacs has. Acknowledging it, the Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation has recently approved white Musli as a safe aphrodisiac to use.

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Safed musli is utilized for building the body, weight reduction, and as an aphrodisiac it enhance sexual performance and is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation which is common in some younger men and mostly in older men. Safed Musli power additionally used for treatment of gonorrhea, joint inflammation, diarrhea, diabetes, oligospermia, expanding lactation in breast feeding moms ,dysentery, dysuria, malignancy, and as an antibacterial agent. Customarily, white Musli utilized as a purported “adaptogen” to be able to deal with stress and as a general tonic for enhancing general well being.

Safed musli contains saponin and alkaloids and these are the components that give safed musli its medicinal activity. Saponins are soap-like components found in plants that have can form foam. Hecogenin has steroidal-like effects that help synthesize anabolic hormones. Anabolic hormones allow men to retain nitrogen more readily, which helps form larger more bulging muscles. white Musli is often referred to as Natural Viagra without the side effects.

Aside from its steadily developing use in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and phytopharmaceutical organizations, Plants which have medicinal functions are being used as raw material in different businesses such as cleansers, detergent, paints, insecticides and so on. Two of the key saponins are hecogenin and stigmasterol. Stigmasterol is very similar in structure to testosterone. Consequently it can occupy the testosterone receptor to the cells, which can act like an aphrodisiac.

Safed musli power has for quite some time been recognized as a capable and exceptionally powerful regular sexual enhancing agent. The tuber toots of this shvet musli herb have been utilized for a considerable length of time in the treatment of sexual shortcoming. It is utilized as an essential part in different sex enhancing supplements. The musli herb itself is accessible in a formulated into different forms, for example, Swet musli tablets, cases, safed musli powder, and Safed musli extracts.

General Information About Safed Musli

It is a small perennial herb with a full of radical leaves appearing over ground.

  • Root tubers

Root tubers are fleshy, fascicled and directly originate from the stem disc devoid of any fibrous structure. The shape of tubers is cylindrical, the thickness is average 0.9 cm and the length 8cm.The number of tubers varies from plant to plant and on an average 5-30 tubers per plant are observed and slightly tapering towards lower side look like pestle. Due to its extensive use, it is naturally an endangered plant.

  • Leaves

The leaves are radical 6-13 in number spirally imbricate at the base, sessile, linear ovate, acute apex and slightly narrowed at the base. Lower surface of leaves are rough; margins are wavy with parallel venation. It has solitary scape, 15-30 cm long, terminal, unbranched; it bears flowers over upper ¾ of its length.

Leaves are radical 6-13 in number spirally imbricate at the base, sessile, linear ovate, acute apex and slightly narrowed at the base. Lower surface of leaves are rough; margins are wavy with parallel venation. It has solitary scape, 15-30 cm long, terminal, unbranched; it bears flowers over upper ¾ of its length.

  • Flowers

Flowers are bracteate, pedicellate, usually arranged in alternate clusters, each consisting of 3 flowers, white and yellow in colour. The anther is yellow, linear and dehisces by longitudinal slits. Style is slightly longer than the stamens, swollen at the apex.

  • Fruit

Fruit is a loculicidal capsule, green to yellow, triquetrous to 3-b sulcate, almost equal in length and width.

  • Ovary

Ovary is 3-lobed, angles obtuse, green, globose and sessile.

  • Seeds

Seeds are onion – like black in appearance with angular edges. Capsule, 4- seeded with a slender beak and spongy septa, seeds oblong, black and shiny with crustacean’s testa.

This herb contains thirty five to forty five percent carbohydrates, fifteen to twenty five alkaloids , two to twenty percent saponins, five to ten percent proteins and twenty five to thirty five percent fiber.

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Does Safed Musli Capsules Really Work?

Safed Musli works as a natural treatment for sexual impotence. Its consumption results in the production of testosterone which is an essential hormone to the process of copulation. In addition to that it helps execute the adrenal glands which are imperative in causing arousal. It improves blood circulation (necessary for an erection), enhances strength and improves stamina for more effective sexual intercourse.

It is proven to be one of the best natural herbs with the abilities to improve libido and sexual performance. It appears to be highly effectual in treating male isues like quick ejaculation, weak erection, and low sex drive. These sexual conditions are nowadays very common among men.

Benefits Of The Top Quality Safed Musli 

Safed Musli benefits are varied and safe. White Musli is amongst the safest aphrodisiac and rejuvenating herbs which helps to improve male health conditions. This herb is recommended to males suffering with fatigue, low libido, low sperm count and tiredness. This herb which increases the level of testosterone hormone, also increases male libido and increases the functions of reproductive system. Safed Musli is beneficial to males and also gain higher volume and better quality of semen.

This herb is prescribed to individuals suffering from asthma to help improve their energy level. Quicker fat digestion system and capacity to control obesity are other Safed Musli extra power benefits. This herb is rich and contains ingredients like alkaloids, sugars, fiber, saponins and proteins. Every one of these nutrients which it has is in bioactive form which makes them totally absorbable by the body without processing. It likewise supplements vitality to keep muscles stimulated.

Safed Musli because of their energizing, restoring and aphrodisiac properties can be very useful in wiping out disorders from the body and enhance personal living. Safed Musli promotes longevity by keeping up hormonal secretion and furthermore increase the brain capacities to keep mental issues under control. Safed Musli shields internal organs and the entire body system from sick impacts that may result from poor diet intake.

Below are some other many other important safed musli benefits of the herb.

  • Low sperm count is a type of impotency has the tendency to affect lovemaking capacities but certainly does not stop a man from reproducing. Safed Musli possess properties to improve the immune system functions which prevent viral infections, reduce intensity of autoimmune disorders, and also lower level of toxicity.
  • The roots of the herb contain properties that increase the effectiveness of the body’s immune system. This is especially so in asthmatic people where an increase in strength and general well being is noted.
  • It can be used in the production of tonics that deal with erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.
  • Once consumed, it is known to increase the flow of milk in lactating mothers.
  • It is also beneficial in the treatment of natal and postnatal complications in mothers . White Musli does this by replenishing body fluids
  • It increases the efficiency of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) in the body. In so doing, it indirectly helps prevent scurvy, having a stroke, treat the common cold, improve blood vessel dilation, improve cardiac health, helps cure cataracts and helps increase the production of neurotransmitters that improve one’s mood.
  • It also optimizes the work of antioxidant enzymes in the body. This indirectly improves the treatment of skin conditions, strengthens the immune system, alleviates heart problems, Contains memory loss problems and controls mood disorders.
  • This herb is prolific for increasing the energy levels in people who happen to suffer from asthma.
  • It is used to counter obesity and its side effects.
  • Its properties are known alleviate arthritis in aged people.
  • It is also used to combat diabetes and contain its symptoms
  • Its use leads to an increase in High Density lipoprotein and a decrease in plasma and hepatic lipid profiles.
  • It has properties known to deal with the problem of premature ejaculation.
  • In women, it can be used to treat leucorrhoea and other vaginal infections.
  • Regular use of Swet Musli improves joint health. It also prevents conditions like arthritis.
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Other Benefits of Safed Musli

 There are more proposed white musli benefits.

  • It supposedly help in weight loss. This explains why it is highlighted as a key ingredient in some weight loss medication and treatment plans.
  • Its ability to increase strength and stamina for sex is also beneficial to bodybuilding. A lot of body building supplements now feature Safed Musli as an ingredient for the formulation of their products.
  • Safed Musli is used as treatment for general debility.
  • It is used in the treatment for diarrhea and dysenter .
  • It is used to get rid of throat and mouth and infections
  • Safed Musli has been used to prevent obesity and help with weight loss
  • It is also beneficial in the treatment of natal and postnatal problems
  • It is used as an Allopathic, for example antibiotics.

Side Effects Of The Safed Musli Tablets

Currently there have been no known negative side effects and is safe for human consumption this is so because it is a natural herb. This product which is safe for people with breastfeeding mothers, those with high blood pressure, and people with rheumatoid arthritis.
There is real proof that most substances such as Swet Musli which are been used as natural aphrodisiacs actually work. Although research into these products is very limited and precautionary few measures has to be taken before using Safed Musli to avoid any health risks.

How To Use Safed Musli

The required dosages of Safed Musli power capsules do vary from person to person according to body strength, age and its effects on appetite.

 The Dosages below are for the general usage of Safed Musli power capsules for general health benefits. For use as an aphrodisiac agent you would find directions to use when you purchase any product that uses Safed Musli for that purpose

Dosages are as follows:

  • For Infants And Children – It is recommended to take between 25 to 50mg per weight, twice a day. A single time dosage should in no way exceed 1 gram.
  • Adolescents (Teenagers)– For teenagers between the age of 13 – 19 years of age, it is recommended to take between 1.5 to 2 grams, twice a day
  • Adults – Adults between the age of 19 -60 years of age are recommended to take between 3 to 6 grams, twice a day.
  • Adults Above 60 Years – For adults are above 60 years of age, it is recommended to take between 2 to 3 grams, twice a day
  • Pregnancy Women – For women who are pregnant and decides to take Swet Musli for one reason or the other, it is recommended that they take between 1 to 2 grams maximum, and also twice a day.
  • Lactation – For lactation is recommended to take at most between 1 to two grams, twice a day.

These prescriptions and recommendation are based on the general Safed Musli uses and is advised to take with Milk, with a maximum dosage of 12grams per day in separate dosages. If its recommended dosage causes one to lose appetite, then musli power extra dosage should be regulated accordingly.

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Common Questions About Safed Musli Capsules

Q1: Is Safed Musli Equally Good For Men And Women?

A: Yes, Safed Musli is a unique natural herb that is based on the human physiology, general well being and sexual health. So it is very good and active for both men and women.

Q2: How Will The Safed Musli Be Useful / Beneficial To Men?

A: Safed Musli has the ability to correct the erectile problems in due time. It prevents premature ejaculation, increases the sex drive, prolongs the man’s sexual performance, increases the stamina, and also helps to attain multiple orgasm.

Q3: How Will The Safed Musli Be Useful / Beneficial To Women?

A: In women frigidity will gradually disappear with the use of Safed Musli. Increased Sex drive and desire. FSAD(female sexual arousal disorder) will be solved. You will regain the normal sensation and sensitivity in the genital area even at an old age. Vaginal dryness would be resolved and sufficient lubrication will be there for women even after menopause. There will be good sex drive that makes you co-operate with your Man and make your sexual intercourse enjoyable.

Q4: Will Safed Musli Improve The General Well Being Of A Person?

A: Yes it will.

Q5: Will The Pills Give Any Support To A Diabetic Patient?

A: A diabetic patient can use Swet Musli. It has been noticed that diabetes is considerably reduced when one takes Safed Musli.

Q6: Can A High Blood Pressure Patient Use The Safed Musli?

A: Safed Musli will not in any way increase the Blood Pressure of a patient but it is required that a High BP Patient consults a doctor because of some other reasons before getting into a sexual intercourse but not necessarily because of Safed Musli.

Q7: What Are The Side Effects Of Safed Musli?

A: Currently there have been no known negative side effects and is safe for human consumption this is so because it is a natural herb. This product which is safe for people with breastfeeding mothers, those with high blood pressure, and people with rheumatoid arthritis.
There is real proof that most substances such as Safed Musli which are been used as natural aphrodisiacs actually work. Although research into these products is very limited and precautionary few measures has to be taken before using Safed Musli to avoid any health risks.

Q8: How Long Should A Person Take Safed Musli?

A: To get good result it is advices one can use Safed Musli without break for a period of 2-3 months.

Q9: How Long Will The Effect Last?

A: Effects of Safed Musli lasts for months and sometimes years when one practices healthy living.

Q10: Can Men And Women Of Any Age Use Safed Musli As An Aphrodisiac Agent?

A: Men and women between 18-80 years can use Safed Musli as an aphrodisiac agent.

Q11: Will Safed Musli Enhance The Fertility In Men And Women?

A: Research has shown use of Safed Musli has seemed to increase the sperm count in men and also in women it has enhanced the ovum production rate and improves the entire uterine environment.

Q12: Whether The Safed Musli Will Affect The Menstrual Periods In Women When Used As An Aphrodisiac?

A: No, Safed Musli does not affect, instead it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Q13: Can Patients With Heart Issues Use Safed Musli?

Answer: Yes, No problem.

Q14: Can This Herb Be Used For Rheumatoid Arthritis?

A: Yes, This is so because it helps to decrease the inflammation and pain

Q15: Any Food Restrictions When Using Safed Musli?

A: Basically No, but you should limit your intake of fatty foods while taking Safed Musli.


From the above Safed Musli extra power review, you can easily read the ingredients, benefits & side effects of it & can easily buy it without any hesitation. Safed Musli in general is very good for general well being of the body. It is also a very good and natural aphrodisiac agent with any side effects whatsoever when using it. High power musli capsules does not only allow you to enjoy your sexual intercourse with your partner, it also increase fertility rate both men and women and also potency for men. It is usable by many patients that might suffer from Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure and Heart issue. This makes  Safed Musli a very good natural aphrodisiac agent. With this been considered as an energy booster in asthmatic conditions, Safed musli pills to improve the general immune system of the body. Safed Musli Capsules is a very demanded aphrodisiac agent, with no side effects. It is especially used for people with low sperm count and low libido. It is generally prescribed for improving male potency and overcoming signs of fatigue.

It clearly has amazing medical properties and modern medical research is showing once again that are used in ancient times .

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