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Useful in male impotency & infertility. Increase sperm count, sperm motility & improves quality of semen. It also improves blood circulation in the desired tissues thus improves erectile strength.

Serving Per Container – 60
Amount Per Serving – 500mg

Extra Power Plus is natural herb preparation for male sexual performance. It is an exclusive blend of high quality ayurvedic mixture. The ingredients like Gokshura, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha etc. and further enriched with the power of Swarna bhasma(Gold)and (Kesar) give the desired result which a man want during the act of pleasure.

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Best Extra Power Plus – Male Enhancement Supplement

Are you looking for best male enhancement pills? Extra Power Plus is formulated to solve the usual problems found in men while enjoying moments of intimacy with their partners. A lot of women are really suffering in silent, going through tortures in the hands of their men simply because they are with men who cannot give them sexual satisfaction in bed. Every woman desires and deserves a real man in her life and not a man that will turn the sexual experience into a dreaded nightmare for her. To the ladies, there is not real in a man that cannot give them complete sexual satisfaction and take them to climax.

There are a lot of  best male extra enhancement capsules out there for men, but most of them do not work for most men. That is why Power Plus Extra is naturally formulated with the key eleven plant extracts known and proven to have been very effective in the sexual well being of men for centuries now. This natural plant extract offers a complete solution to sexual well-being in men that you do not need anything else. Extra Power Plus Capsules feature the most researched and efficient herbs in the entire world. They are made from naturally grown and standardized extracts from eleven key herbs of the highest quality. Extra Power Plus are to be taken once daily so you don’t have to be weighed or burden with the stress of taking multiple pills a day and this provides an effective way of enjoying the full benefits of these classic herbs. It is the perfect choice of supplement to maintain vitality, energy, health and overall well-being.

Best male enhancement pills

The natural blend adopts the ion separation technology that is new and advanced in the world. It is designed with the aim of better and stronger sexual performance and more and more desire, and even improvements in the gym and other physical activities.  Extra Power capsules is specially formulated to prolong lovemaking as well as increase male organ strength and girth. It enhances the blood circulation to increase your manhood, thereby improving penis growth in both length and wideness. This great supplement has fantastic results in patients with prostate disease and diabetes. The amazing thing also is that the effect will not be reduced even after drinking wine. This is a sexual performance pill that allows you to go longer and even grow bigger. When you achieve the desired stamina and the right size, sex becomes what it’s meant to be for both you and your partner. Best of all is that it’s all natural, No headache, no chemicals. Energy capsules is exclusively formulated for sexually active men.

Ingredients In The Best Male Enhancement Power Plus Capsules

The Extra Power Plus capsules contain a certain number of well-blended herbs that are carefully extracted directly from plants and are still in their unrefined state so as to provide maximum benefits to the user. Consistent consumption of these Extra Power Plus capsules will boost more power and stamina and turn a low-self esteemed man to a master of bedtime activities to which his partner would always be grateful for.

This natural wonder contains eleven key natural extracts in a perfect blend to deliver utmost male enhancement in men plus general well being without any known side effects. They include Ashwagandha that helps the body to cope with the daily stress; Asparagus Racemosus for increased sperm production; Myristica Fragrans (Nutmeg) for improved blood circulation and pain relief; Tribulus Terrestris for endurance boost, stress reduction, and balancing of the nervous system; Asphaltum as a rejuvenating agent.

Other ingredients include Chlorophytum Borivilianum referred to as natural Viagra for fertility boost; Spilanthes Acmella commonly used as an aphrodisiac; Eurycoma Longifolia which act as anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent. Not forgetting Luvunga Scandens extract which acts as anti-fungal agent; Saffron which acts as anti-depression and stress reducing agent; and Vasant  Kumakar Ras which is good for urinary track infections and diabetes. These eleven plant extracts work together in a perfect blend to not only promote sexual wellness in men but also enhance their overall well being.

Does Extra Power Plus Really Work For Penis Enlargement?

Extra Power Plus is the most powerful herbal supplement capsule in the world for overall physical stamina. The herbs utilized in the formula of this supplement boost male stamina, vitality, and power. Men always love to perform at their very best in every field of life be it at the gym, on the sports field, or in the bedroom. More Power Capsules is testosterone and stamina enhancing dietary supplements for men that are 100% natural. So the Question, “does Sex power Capsules really works” is simply “Yes” because research has shown that products made of natural plants extract widely prove to be more active than other chemically formulated medicine. This Extra energy capsules features all complete natural ingredients, little wonder there has been a lot of testimonies from people who have used the supplement in India and cannot hide their joy and satisfaction.

The great supplement has been advertising itself through referral, and such thing does not happen with a product that is not working. Therefore it has been proven beyond doubt the use of the energy capsules gives the users complete satisfaction for both sexual and overall. Usually, most male enhancement pills are said to work but not for all men, and some have so many of side effects. A product like our Extra Power Plus dietary supplement with one sex capsule per day, you are assured of the ability and strength needed to be a real man to your partner without having to worry about any side effects. This supplement is formulated from unique blend based natural medicine. All the ingredients of this best male enhancement pill are obtained directly from the womb of Mother Nature.

Best male enlargement pills

Benefits Of The Best Extra Power Plus Male Enhancement Pills 

Imagine how you would feel to know that you could last for as long as you wish in bed. Every individual pill of Extra Power Plus assures you of taking your sexual performance and experience to another level. It is formulated with 100% natural and carefully selected ingredients. It is made of some of the precious and rarest herbs in the world. Every sex power capsule of this Extra Power Plus dietary supplement is capable of giving you a hard erection, extra stamina, and endurance to allow you to enjoy your lovemaking.

  • Longer Erection

When battling with erectile dysfunction it can be a very frustrating and difficult situation.  But simply using Sex Power Plus pills could surely give you a stronger and lasting erection. This will definitely make a great change in your sex life and make it an active one again, It Also aids in reducing stress and the pain of having to think of the inability to satisfy your partner.

  • Intense Orgasm

It increases intense orgasm with the longer erections giving you Extra Power to perform with the same intensity although.

  • Increased Sperm Count

Many men have testified that after the use of this best male enlargement pills, they experience enhanced sperm count. Although we know that it’s not all pills that have the same efficacy, we can just say this for Sex Power capsules because we have evidence and testimonies to attest to this.

  • Enhanced Stamina

You will enjoy a stronger erection and enhanced stamina. The reason for this improved stamina is as a result of the gasping orgasm. This improves your sex drive enormously that you will feel all the thrill when having sexual intercourse. You would be astonished to realize that with this supplement you would experience the longest and hardest erection of your life. With this Extra Power Plus dietary Supplement, you are assured that you would be able to make your partner “come” to orgasm as the simple fact that you cannot make your lady “come” to orgasm is very wearisome. Most men are incapable of helping the action until their partner gets to orgasm.  With Extra Power Plus sex capsule, you would have full and complete control of your senses. You will now be able to keep the action longer than your woman. You can make her “come” several times.

Other Health Benefits Of Top Penis Growth Pills Apart From Improved Sexual Performance

This best male enlargement pills also has other health benefits which one can get from using it.

  • Extra Power Plus has essential natural extracts that deal with stress; you will notice that stress is no more weighing you down as every activity is done with so much vigor without burden.
  • Cases of depression are well taken care of by this natural supplements as a lot of takers who were previously have shown to improve with the intake of this supplement.
  • Also, relieves severe pains, Extra Power Plus contains some essential pain relief agents to even take care of the pain from not being able to sexually satisfy your partner.
  • Strength to carry out day to day activities, you will find out that you can now perform better even in the gym, sports fields, and other physical activities.

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Side Effects Of Extra Power Plus Supplement

We have a very hygienic environment where all the manufacturing processes take place. The products are well tested and formulated by including pure herbs, and that is why nobody faces any sort of side effects, even if you intend to use the products along with other prescribed medications no worries.

It is rare to find any male sexual enhancement pill that does not have any side effects, especially with extended usage of the supplement. This supplement presents little to no side effect because it is a natural supplement, it does not contain any chemical that has the tendency to be overdosed or abused. When used according to instruction, the effects and very insignificant to notice.

Be it as it may, there have been few rare cases of nausea and stomach cramping due to the high level of feeling of the user’s organs towards augmentation formulas as in creatine. Creatine is naturally occurring substance, and each user should cautiously go through the characteristics of the supplement on the label before buying to decide if to purchase not minding the mild side effects. The good part is that none of the reported side effects have actually caused any serious health issues.

How To Take Extra Power Plus Capsules?

On a daily basis, take 1 Capsule of Extra Power Plus Capsules with a glass of hot milk before bedtime or an hour before sexual intercourse. It is advised to use this supplement for at least three months to achieve permanent progress and male sexual enhancement.

  • What To Do To Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Pills

To achieve a more effective and faster result, it calls for dedication. While many people would just take a pill and expect it does all the work for them, to achieve a recognized, sustainable outcome, hard work is required as well. The following are a few measures to enable you to achieve faster results that you desire.

  • Workout

Regular exercise is the way to an energetic heart and appropriate circulation. This is the evidence of better assimilation of the pill’s ingredients in the body, and mostly to the desired on regions/organs.

  • Watch Your Weight

keeping a sound weight or keeping fit guarantees that your body does its functions optimally. In case you already have sizable layers of extra fat around your pubic zone and stomach, then pills alone may not give you fast results without additional efforts.

  • Eat A Healthy Diet

High-fat and sugary diets and garbage diets will all cause your body’s capacity to utilize the ingredients in the supplement efficiently. A very much monitored eating regimen supplies the body with the supplements needed to work soundly.

  • Consolidate Distinctive Strategies

Practice schedules and penile extenders and are two effective techniques that you can apply with the pills. This is particularly important in the event that you wish to expand the measure of your penis both in length and in girth plus hardness of your erections.

Common Questions About The Extra Power Plus Pills

Q1: Why Is Extra Power Plus So Popular In India?

A: India is the land of exclusive herbs, and if we go through history, our acharyas practice on the different blend of herbs to solve the issue of sex problem but unable to create awareness amongst the populace about enhancing sexuality pills. We can see that the sex education in India is at very low ebb as compared to the other countries and nation. But the time is changing now. Due to endeavors of some good people and doctors, people have started gaining sex education and our youth is getting sexually educated. They are now aware of the right and wrong thing. And sexual health care occupies the foremost position in human life.

Extra Power Plus is popular in India because it has been shown by testimonies of those who have been redeemed by the product. The Product is a wonderful solution for Erection Problems, weakness due to advancing age, low sex drive, Quick ejaculation, low sperm count, low sperm quality, infertility, impotence and lack of satisfaction from sex.

Q2: Does Extra Power Plus Have Any Side Effect On The Penis?

A: This great sex enhancer does not in any way have side effect at all to the user’s Penis. It only enlarges the size and strength of the Penis. It only gives you the hard dick for sexual satisfaction and nothing to worry about at all. The enlarged penis can only give you satisfaction and confidence and nothing wrong. It does not give you satisfaction at the expense of anything else on your penis. Surely, this is the best thing you can ever do to your penis.

Q3: Is Extra Power Plus Completely Safe?

A: Till date, there has not been any established serious side effect known to result from the intake of Extra Power Plus. While some other male sexual enhancement supplement has a tendency to increase the heart beat at an uncontrollable rate that might lead to heart attack, The Extra Power Plus Supplement is made with natural ingredients that aid in regulating the heartbeat when using the product. There is also no issue of increasing the blood pressure, so one does not run a risk of High Blood Pressure (HBP).  Also, there are no addictive elements, so you don’t have to worry about getting addicted to this supplement as you can always stop whenever you feel you have gotten to the desired point or no more within the sexually active age bracket. The Extra Power Plus Supplement does not have any prospect for addiction. So overall, we can say that this male enlargement pills is completely safe to use.

Q4: Does It Allow A Man To Impregnate A Woman?

A: Some male enlargement pills do not enable the user to really “release sperm” or might make their sperm to be watery or have very low quality, but with Extra Power Plus Supplement you are assured of high sperm quality, enhanced sperm count, increased fertility and potency. It is not just for pleasure and satisfaction, as some pills are formulated just for fun, this Extra Power Plus is specially formulated for a rounded well-being of the takers. The natural ingredients ensure that the overall health and wellbeing is enhanced at the same time. Productivity is enhanced alongside the boost in stamina and vitality. With this pill, you are killing two birds with one stone.

It is not just enough to take your partner to orgasm. Your lady would want to enjoy all the sex she can get from you and at the same time needs to get pregnant and carry your baby. Unlike some other sex enhancement pills in the market, the Extra Power plus also enhances sperm count rate, sperm quality, fertility, and potency.

Q5: How Long Does It Take A Natural Male Enhancing Pill To Function?

A: This is one supplement that has proven to be very effective in a very short while; there have been so many testimonies coming from people who use this product and noticed a tremendous result in a short while. However, if you desire faster and effective result, aside from regular intake of the supplements, you would have to ensure a more healthy lifestyle while performing some penile exercise to facilitate the effectiveness of these male enhancers. People who combine the pill with a healthy lifestyle have reported faster results over their counterparts. Some have suggested 1 to 2 months of usage for the result to be obvious while it has shown results in a matter of weeks among some users.


Extra Power Plus Supplement is one of the top most effective daily male enhancement pills for better endurance, stamina, and fertility. It is not just like every other male sexual enhancement supplement available on the market. Extra Power Plus provides treatment for all sexually related imbalances. Incompatibilities such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, premature ejaculation, and infertility are taken care of by this one single solution, thereby enhancing your sexual performance as a real man. This supplement is used by all sexually active men above 18 years. The top herbal male enhancement pills really enhance sexual stamina, strength, and rock hard erections.

Extra Power Plus Supplement is very effective in low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and sexual weakness as a result of old age. The Supplement is ideal for both married and unmarried men. If you experience any of the following issues, then you should definitely give it a try. This best male enhancement supplement is rare to get as it is made with a lot of special not easy-to-find natural herbs. Why not join other men who have customized this supplement as “My Extra-Extra Power plus sex booster.” It is definitely worth trying, and you will be the one to confirm that it’s worth your buy after a couple of days.

So what else are you waiting for??? It’s the right time to take charge and rule the heart of your partner in bed with a real natural stamina and vigor. It’s very easy to achieve desired endurance and strength in just 1-2 month treatment. Also you will find that you will be able to do better in the gym, sports fields and in other areas of your life.

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